Who Can Apply? +

Anyone can apply! Biodesign Sydney is open to people of all backgrounds and from all career stages; from postgraduate level through to established academic and specialist roles. If you have an interest in medical technologies, innovation, entrepreneurship or creative thinking, we want you to hear from you!

How and where do I apply? +

To apply please click on the Apply button on the top of this page, submit the requested information and we will email you further details

How much does it cost? +

In order to optimise the team dynamics, all applicant's must submit a full DISC personality assessment from The Assessment cost is US $29

All successful applicant's will be required to purchase the text book Biodesign: The Process of Innovating Medical Technologies Second Edition by Yock, Zenios, Makower, Brinton, Kumar, Watkins, Denend

What are the Time commitments? +

Weekly class and workshop’s will be held on Wednesday’s from 1530-1830hrs. It is expected that you attend 80% of theses classes. In addition to this participant’s will need to commit extra time to work on deliverables and attend team meeting’s. It is estimated that participants will spend on average 8hrs a week on program commitments (including Wednesday classes)